est. 5/12/11
 00's lover(s)

Here you'll find a mixture of songs from 2000-2009
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  sidneysymone said:
Yaaaassss thank god for your blog

Can I just say, THANK YOU FOR THIS BLOG!!!! Seriously, had a late night dance party last night loool!! You rock!!

haha thank you! glad you’re enjoying. I’ve been looking back on some of the songs lately and getting nostalgic all over again

Grillz | Nelly (Paul Wall and Ali & Gipp)

which year from the 00s do u think had the best music? I personally LOVED 2006 ( probably because I left elementary school that year)

I can’t really pick a year with the ‘best’ music because I think every year in the 00s has some music that was a little iffy. Sometimes I feel like after 2007 things got a little eh but it depends on my mood lol. 2005-2007 are a favorite for me just because that’s when I was in junior high and really figured out what kind of music I wanted to listen to.

A couple days ago this blog hit 30,000 followers. I missed when it hit the exact number so I didn’t screencap it. But every 10,000 followers I like to say a little thank you. So thanks again to everyone who has been following the past 3 years and to those who may have barely found this blog today. Hope you continue to enjoy! Doing my best to keep the music going haha


  esbatt said:
I appreciate this blog so much! everyone focuses too much on the 90's, so seeing this is a breath of fresh air.

I admit that I went through a 90s phase, but whenever I think about it I realize I was only 7 by the end of the 90s and I feel like I only truly remember like 3 years of it. So most of the stuff I remember is probably because of reruns and my brothers haha. A lot of people are slowly moving on to the 2000s though so be on the lookout lol