est. 5/12/11
 00's lover(s)

Here you'll find a mixture of songs from 2000-2009
Requests are being taken right now.

hi i just went through 246 pages of this blog and i can't get enough!! can i make a few requests? cupid's chokehold by gym class heroes, go getta by r kelly, with love by hilary duff. thanks!! :)

  esbatt said:
I appreciate this blog so much! everyone focuses too much on the 90's, so seeing this is a breath of fresh air.

I admit that I went through a 90s phase, but whenever I think about it I realize I was only 7 by the end of the 90s and I feel like I only truly remember like 3 years of it. So most of the stuff I remember is probably because of reruns and my brothers haha. A lot of people are slowly moving on to the 2000s though so be on the lookout lol

You have automatically become my favorite blog.

  stylsbae said:
why didn't i find your blog sooner oh my god

well it’s never too late!

  gailpeck said:
my dash is full of good 00s music tonight and it's your fault (thank you)

  tiaralways said:
Love love LOVE your blog

thank you :D

The Jump Off | Lil’ Kim (ft. Mr. Cheeks)

  jasonpolo1 said:
You're Honestly The besttt

whaaat? thanks haha