est. 5/12/11
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Here you'll find a mixture of songs from 2000-2009
Requests are being taken right now.

What would happen if you posted every song made from 2000-2009? (This is just a super random and hypothetical question, which is probably impossible) Would you just continue to reblogging existing songs already on here? And go into different languages? Or...? (just curious, and it's late at night haha) (I get these stupid questions in my head sometimes, so you can ignore me if you want)

well the only time I really upload songs from different languages (which is usually kpop) it’s because they have been requested. Of course it would be impossible to post every song lol but either way that’s not necessarily my goal. This blog is honestly for myself more than anything else because I’m posting songs that I enjoy. Luckily when people request some songs, I actually like them in some sense haha.

This blog probably blew the minds of thousands of people. So grateful I stumbled upon it!

haha possibly?? Depends on what you’re looking for, but I’m glad you stumbled upon it too :)

Official Girl | Cassie (ft. Lil Wayne)